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The Shadow Series: 2nd Edition

Hey, Friends!

Over the past decade since first becoming published, I, like many authors sometimes do, have changed publishers along the way. In doing that, I decided to re-release the Shadow Series in new editions. The ‘new’ Hidden Shadows released in 2015 to great feedback (thank you), and Chasing Shadows is finally on the horizon for the first of 2018.

Why is this happening? A few reasons:

  1.  I’ve written about growing and changing as a person, and by extension, an author, in the past. I believe that is largely what’s happened here. I’ve changed, my writing has changed (and hopefully progressed) and I really think these new editions are better, in many respects, than their first releases. To be perfectly honest, I just wasn’t thrilled with either book in its current state, so I revisited and revised. The new editions reflect who I am and want to be creatively, and as a writer, to a much greater extent than the original publications.
  2. A new edition suggests change, and thankfully, that’s just what I wanted to do. Some editions are simply updates, minor nuances or corrections – But in the case of the Shadow Series, for me they’re practically new books altogether. There were parts of the original stories I did want to tell and expound on; a new edition was a way for me to still tell the stories while giving the pace, feel, and direction the books needed.

The first editions are no longer available as e-books, but you may see some print copies of both Hidden Shadows and Chasing Shadows floating around in those first editions. Until retailers are sold out of those hard copies, they can be available for sale . . .

Though, as the writer of the books, I would much prefer if you do happen to run across an original/first edition, you would kindly dispose of it and instead expose yourself to the second editions.

One easy way to know what’s new versus what’s not – Covers.

Here’s what you’re looking for:

shadow series covers

Any other cover(s) you see besides the new ones above are old copies, no longer in my control. So if you’d like to read the Shadows Series, please pick up the copies with the updated covers and publication dates of 2015 (Hidden Shadows) and 2018 (Chasing Shadows).

I didn’t intend on putting so much effort into essentially rewriting a book, nor did I want to confuse readers, but these needed to be reworked in order for me to feel I put my best foot forward and put a story out there I was proud of.

I hope you enjoy them, too.

Chasing Shadows release date will be announced soon.

Thanks for sticking by and being interested in my stories. I hope you enjoy the new Shadow Series.


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