Here’s What Happened

And what is happening in my world . . .

So if you’ve been around, say, in the last few months, you might’ve noticed my website was pretty much defunct. Unfortunately, somewhere around September, my web host tells me a hacker came and messed up the whole site and so they had to take it down to clean, and clear off viruses, and make it safe for you all to visit. That’s all good and well . . . except for the one, tiny detail of them wanting about one trillion dollars to make that happen. Not.good. (If you ever want me to steer you away from a particular web host, please let me know and I’ll be glad to help you not get duped. ‘Cause it stinks.)

Anyway, a wonderful few helped me get it all figured out and here we are, back online. Took a while, but we’re here! And I’m so glad to say ‘hello’ again!

I sure have missed being here to share my thoughts and updates with you, and have also missed writing because, well, to be honest, since we’re talking about what’s happening, I haven’t been able to write nearly as much as I’d like these last few months. There’s this tiny little 14ish pound wonder that somehow came along right about the time of the site crash (also why it took me a while to assess what had happened and how to fix it) that makes any free time really hard to acquire these days. I’m in love with that sparkly-eyed human though, so I have no complaints – just wish there were more hours in the day so I could get around to all the things I love . . . this corner of my world being one big, bright spot that I’m missing.

But, looking forward to the new year, I have some plans in place where more eyes and hands will be around to help me make sure the little’s are cared for while I’m able to continue this work I love.

Currently, I’m vacillating between completing two books that are nearing half-way finished and can’t decide which route to go – more on that later – but in the meantime, wanted to pop in here and let you know the site is up, virus free and hopefully seen by you. 🙂

I did lose all my previous blog posts when the crash happened, though they can be recovered. So some of my more popular posts (how did you get published; how do i get published; what is writing like) will be added back slowly but surely.

Thank you, thank you for sticking with me and reading and commenting and buying books. You’re the best.


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