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about laurenAs far back as memory goes, reading and writing have been a part of my life. It started with my book-loving mother, my animated sister, bringing the stories to life, but the basic love has just always been there. As much a part of me as my hair or eyes, or my sorta too big teeth.

And so it was with beginning a book. I had the idea in my head, and simply decided to write it down.

Professionally, my journey started back in 2007, when I wrote, and had my first book published within a year. (Crazy/wonderful time that you can read about starting here). Personally, it’s been an ever-evolving, growing dream that’s landed me here, writing my ‘about’ section in my little virtual home.

Early on, I was drawn to the spooky and the scary. The kid who stayed up way too late, Goosebumps clutched in hand, assured by R.L. Stine (and many other anthologies of ghostly tales), that the monster was, in fact, under my bed or right outside my window.

I loved it. Yet in the same breath, I was terrified by it and plagued with nightmares as a child. (Though I’ll attribute that to my own wild and weird imagination rather than the books since my dreams were disturbingly original.) Someday, if I’m ever brave enough, I may reach back and go all Stephen Kingish and write down those old terrors (yes, I remember them in detail), but for now, I’m finding my fun in writing mysteries.

That’s what I love, by the way. A good, old-fashioned whodunit. I love, love, too. So I write about that also. And people, with their goodness and badness and motivations in those choices. How the rest of us—individually and as a society—cope with each other’s actions. Then I twist it all in with a good mystery.

College had me pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Communication/Journalism, where I went on to sit at the anchors desk for a nightly news cast. I learned pretty quickly, though, that I wasn’t there so much out of passion for the news, but because I liked stories, telling them . . . and because I could speak fairly decent on camera. I also realized that I much preferred telling my own stories to those leading the newscast. So I began writing. It was the start of what would go on to become my first novel, Hidden Shadows.

After several revisions (and a nice, big rejection pile), Hidden Shadows was picked up by a small publisher, and its sequel, Chasing Shadows, was signed soon after.

It was no million dollar deal. Not even close to enough to have me quitting my day job, or any job. But it gave me plenty of hope and excitement to press on, to keep letting my persistent imagination and need for creation out of my head and onto the paper (screen?).

The writing world has changed dramatically since I came on board—the emergence and boom of eBooks and multiple platforms has given new options to writers and publishers—but the goals I started with are still the same: finding a way to do what I love and hopefully giving you something to love in the process. I’ve said before that if I can give you a moments escape—a reason to put off the dishes, to keep turning the pages, to stay on the beach just a few minutes longer—that’s what I’m looking for. It’s what books have done for me all my life, and I’m honored I can be on both sides of the stories-telling fence.

Like any career, there’ve been highs and lows along the way (many of which are chronicled in my blog if you’re interested), stalls (mostly due to my own needed breaks since two sweet little girls entered my world), and big pushes forward(whoo-hoo bestseller list), but I’ve still got stories to tell and you’re still reading – so it’s full speed ahead!

Really though, thank you for being here. I find it gratifying, humbling, and really just plain exciting that the words in my head go to your hands and you like them. So thank you for reading, and for choosing my stories.

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